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Mesh fabric was specially developed to offer greater protection against wind damage for outdoor banner use. The small holes within the mesh fabric allow air to flow through. This reduces the load placed on the structure or building the outdoor banner is attached to and on the banner itself, making it highly resistant to wind damage. It also makes it unnecessary to have unsightly wind holes cut as with unperforated vinyl banners.


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  • Advertising– Mesh fabric is widely employed in outdoor banner advertising for extra large displays covering the fronts of buildings and sometimes an entire building (building wrap).
  • Outdoor Events An outdoor banner is often fitted to the rear side of grand stand seating to protect spectators from the wind and promote the event. Banners can also be used as stage backdrops for outdoor concerts or attached to perimeter fencing for event branding and advertising. 
  • Construction - Mesh banners are commonly used by the construction industry to disguise scaffolding on site and promote the architects, surveyors and firms involved in the construction projects. The type of mesh used for an outdoor banner intended for use on building sites has fire retardant properties and high wind resistance.  This product complies with all Health & Safety requirements and building regulations.
  • Privacy for customers – Combining privacy with retail promotion, a perforated (one-way vision) see through banner allows transmission of light and visibility from the inside through the perforations. Often applied to the storefront windows of cafes, restaurants, health spas and beauty salons to prevent people looking in.


arrowAdvantages of Mesh Outdoor Banner

  • Safety – Because of the open weave structure of the material, an outdoor banner made from mesh PVC has exceptional resistance to tearing and allows wind to pass through it, decreasing stress on the banner and the building it is attached to.
  • Wide scope for creativity - With weight kept to a minimum Mesh PVC offers graphic designers total flexibility so they can create enormous displays on a huge scale for outdoor public spaces.
  • Economy - Mesh PVC is extremely cost effective when compared with similar substrates for huge outdoor banner use.
  • Durability - Mesh PVC can withstand a wide range of temperatures from -20 degrees to + 35 degrees. It is also resistant to fungi and weather (UV, rain and frost) so you can rest assured the image quality of your outdoor banner will not deteriorate on prolonged exposure.

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